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Antrica is an original D&D setting currently being devised in the DM’s spare time. It is not so much a series of rigid events leading from a beginning to an end as it is a morphic structure, in which the events of any PC can have far-reaching effects on future plots, events, and characters to come. To date, there have been campaigns set in each of Antrica’s historical periods, with the notable exception of the Age of Darkness. This is intended to be a source of reference for current and future players, interested DMs, and myself alike. Articles may be updated to reflect changes in canon, or the level of knowledge that has made itself available to my current group of PCs. If you think my campaign has promise, please leave a comment or a rating! Constructive criticism and 5’s are always welcome.

Authors Note: As it currently stands, there has been quite a lot more devised of this setting than has managed to make it to the wiki just yet. It is still a work in progress and chances are it always will be, or at least for quite some time. However, I fully intend to make this a bank of useful information (Particularly for my players) and I will be updating as frequently as time and disposition allow.

For My Wonderful Players:

If there is a specific topic you would like to see adressed or a page you would like to be created, just send me a message or leave a comment noting what about and I will make the requested pages my top proirity! If someone has already requested the page you would like done, then go ahead and second it! I want this to be a useful resource for you guys so it should have the information you would like to know

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