Fire Discipline

©= Spell Compendium

©Animate Fire
/©Blades of Fire
Burning Hands
©Orb of Fire, Lesser
Produce Flame
©Raging Flame
©Slow Burn

©Body of the Sun
/©Burning Sword
/©Fire Shuriken
©Flame Dagger
Flaming Sphere
Resist Energy (Fire)
Scorching Ray

Flame Arrow

©Blast of Flame
©Blistering Radiance
©Explosive Cascade
Fire Shield (Warm Only)
Flame Strike (Entirely Fire Damage)
©Metal Melt
©Orb of Fire
Wall of Fire

©Earth Reaver
©Fire Shield, Mass(Warm Only)
©Fireburst, Greater
©Shroud of Flame

©Fire Spiders
©Fires of Purity

Delayed Blast Fireball
©Emerald Flame Fist
Fire Storm

Incendiary Cloud

Elemental Swarm
Meteor Swarm
©Transmute Rock to Lava

Fire Discipline

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