Elemental Bender

Occasionally, a person is born with deep ties to one of the classical elements. By training with masters, these people can manifest the powers of their element, bending and shaping matter around them to create spell-like effects.

Game Rule Information

Elemental Benders have the following game statistics.
Abilities:All Benders need a high dexterity to increase their defenses. Air Benders abilities are tied to their Intelligence, while Earth Benders powers are tied to Constitution, Fire to Charisma, and Water connected to Wisdom.
Alignment: Any lawful.
Race: Human
Special: An Elemental Bender must choose to be either a Fire, Air, Earth, or Water Bender.
Hit Die: d8.

Class Skills

The Elemental Bender’s class skills are Balance, Climb, Concentration, Craft, Jump, Listen, Perform, Profession, Sense Motive, Spot, Swim, and Tumble.
Skills Points at 1st Level: (4 + Int modifier) x 4.
Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 4 + Int modifier

Class Features

All of the following are class features of the Elemental Bender.
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Elemental Benders are proficient with all simple weapons and all of the weapons a Monk may use(PHB 40). They are not proficient with any types of armor, but armor does not inhibit their abilities- An Elemental Bender with the appropriate feats may wear and use Heavy Armor with no particular penalties. In addition, Fire Benders are proficient with all Simple and Martial weapons and Earth Benders are proficient with Light Armor.

The Elemental Bender
Average BAB, Poor Fort, Good Ref, Good Will(PHB 22)

1st Improved Unarmed Strike, Elemental Discipline (1st)
2nd Elemental Blast
3rd Elemental Discipline (3rd)
4th First Elemental Boon
5th E.D. (5th)
6th Evasion
7th E.D. (7th)
8th Second Elemental Boon
9th E.D. (9th)
10th Third Elemental Boon
11th E.D. (11th)
12th Improved Elemental Blast
13th E.D. (13th)
14th Improved Evasion
15th E.D. (15th)
16th Final Elemental Boon
17th E.D. (17th)
18th Master Elemental Blast
19th E.D. (19th)
20th Master of Element

Improved Unarmed Combat: At 1st level, an elemental bender gains Improved Unarmed Combat as a bonus feat.
Elemental Discipline: At every odd-numbered level, the Elemental Bender gains a spell-like ability. They may choose a spell off of any class list that a character of that particular class of the same level could know, but it must have the same subtype as the Elemental Bender’s designated element. The save DC for the Elemental Bender’s spell-like abilities are 10 + the appropriate ability modifier + the spell’s level. An Elemental Bender can use the most recently obtained spell-like ability twice a day, the next most recently obtained ability four times per day, and all preceding abilities at will. If the spell has a range greater than close, it instead becomes close(25ft.+5ft./2lvs) for the purposes of the Elemental Bender’s abilities.

Elemental Blast: At 2nd level, the Elemental Bender learns how to channel a blast of their chosen element, with differing effects. This ability is a standard action which can be used a number of times per day equal to their class level + the appropriate ability modifier. The effect of the blasts are as follows:
Air- A concentrated blast of air, which can be applied in the manner of the Telekinesis spell with a range of close and with a caster level of half the Air Bender’s class level. At 12th level this improves to a caster level equal to the Air Bender’s class level.
Earth- An earth bender may hurl a chunk of rock at a target within close range dealing 1d6 points of damage for every two levels the Earth Bender has on a successful ranged attack roll. At 12th level the damage improves to 1d6 points per Earth Bender level and the target must make a Reflex save DC 10+half your character level+ constitution modifier or be knocked prone.
Fire- Fire Benders may manifest their flame into a 20ft line or cone, dealing 1d6 damage per 2 levels with a Reflex save DC 10+ 1/2 character level+ Charisma modifier for half. At 12th level the damage improves to 1d6/level and the Fire Bender may create a 30ft line, cone, or make a single ranged touch attack at close range. No save is allowed for the ranged touch application.
Water- Similar to the spell Water Spout, but cannot suck up foes. At 12th level can be frozen to deal more damage or to trap enemies. (WIP)

Master Elemental Blast At 18th level, the Elemental Blast ability may be used in place of an attack as part of a full attack action any number of times per round.

Elemental Boon: Elemental Bender gains a boon, in order, from the following list at the appropriate level:
Air- (4th)Slow Fall as monk of equal level, (8th)+2 Dodge Bonus to Armor Class, (10th)Fly Speed at half movement rate, must end move on solid horizontal surface or fall. (18th)Ignore Terrain effects.
Earth- (4th)Still Mind as Monk, (8th)DR5/Piercing or Slashing, (10th)Climb Speed equal to movement rate and a Burrow Speed equal to half your movement rate, but only in stone or earth. (18th) Ignore Hardness.
Fire- (4th)Weapon Focus with any one weapon or weapon specialization if you already have Weapon Focus, (8th) Fire Resistance 10, (10th)Weapon Specialization with the same weapon or any Fighter bonus feat regardless of fighter requirement level that you meet the other requirements for, (18th) Immunity to fire damage.
Water- (4th)Purity of Body as Monk, (8th)Lay on Hands equal to 1/2 your Class level times your Wisdom modifier, (10th) Swim speed equal to your movement rate, hold breath twice as long underwater (18th) Restoration as the spell, a number of times per day equal to yourWisdom modifier.

Evasion and Improved Evasion: as a Monk or Rogue, including the restrictions on armor.

Master of Element: An Elemental Bender of 20th level may apply the effects of any one metamagic feat to an at-will Elemental Discipline or Elemental Blast ability, even if they do not possess that metamagic feat. This may not change any elemental descriptors, however. This ability may be used a number of times per day equal to the character’s relevant ability modifier.

Earth Discipline
Fire Discipline

Elemental Bender

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