Earth Discipline

©= Spell Compendium [A]= Complete Arcane

©Fist of Stone
©Foundation of Stone
©Hail of Stone
©Rapid Burrowing
©Slide (Special)

©Earth Lock
©Earthen Grace (Self Only)
©Earthen Grasp
©Mountain Stance
Shatter (Minerals and Stone Only)
©Slide, Greater (Special)
Soften Earth and Stone

©Crumble (Stone Only)
©Eradicate Earth
Meld Into Stone
©Nature’s Rampart
©Shatterfloor (Stone Only)
Stone Shape
©Stony Grasp

©Land Womb
Spike Stones
©Stone Shatter
©Stone Sphere
©Sudden Stalagmite
©Wall of Sand

Fabricate(Mineral Only)
Passwall (Earth and Stone Only)
©Stone Shape, Greater
Transmute Mud to Rock
Transmute Rock to Mud
Wall of Stone
©Xorn Movement

Move Earth
©Sarcophagus of Stone
©Stone Body
Stone Tell
©Summon Greater Elemental
Sympathetic Vibration
©Tunnel Swallow

©Master Earth

©Excavate (Earth and Stone Only)
©Heart of Stone
Iron Body
Repel Stone
©True Creation (Stone Only)

Elemental Swarm
©Summon Elemental Monolith
©Trasmute Rock to Lava
©Undermaster (Spell List Only)

Earth Discipline

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