” The Artifact, as it has quite simply come to be called, is a mysterious spherical device that became the obsession of the late planar traveller, my personal friend, J’ael Wyndur’al. He kept meticulously detailed notes, experimenting with its properties and observing its reaction to external stimulus (One of the many journals I saw him produce include a detailed observation for the Artifact’s reaction degree-by-degree to temperatures ranging from -15F to 800F). Its origin and creator are unknown, and its composition is equally mysterious. It consists of a clear sphere, similar to glass, wrapped with metallic brass-colored bands that overlap and twist in an intricate geometric pattern. Each band is covered with a variety of carefully planned etchings and in the heart of the device pulses a multihued cloud of energy that changes in color, size and shape depending on its environment. The Artifact may be used by one aligned with the planes to move the entire cosmos, everything we know and love and have comed to call Antrica, along with the planes connected to and surrounding it. In accordance with the wielder’s wishes, our cosmos may join, overlap, or seperate from other like structures, each with their own cosmology presumably like ours. The thought of so many unknown realms is intoxicating, yet without more knowledge it seems unwise and unsafe to move the dimension we call home any more than is necessary, to say nothing of the unseen or long-term effects this may have on anything or everything we know of. This strange device may have other functions or abilities, but I have not yet uncovered them. Any limitations or specific purpose for this device are likewise unknown. “

Juleeb, Master of the Planes

The Effects of Activation

Upon its activation, the artifact seperated Antrica from the neighboring dimension of Fae’run, severing what little contact the gods of that world had on Antrica and freeing the inhabitants to worship their own figures, the Ascendants who had been waiting for this very day, in which they could become as gods themselves. Unfortunately, it also awoke the Malevolence, which was purported to bring an end to all life on the world were it not brought under the sway of the most powerful necromancer to ever have lived, Zilkesh, who was brought back from the brink of oblivion for this sole purpose.


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