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  • Dream Weaver

    Dream Weavers are mages who tap into the dream weave in order to cast unique magic more powerful than the norm, though at the cost of their mundane casting skills suffering greatly. They are depicted in-game by the following prestige class, as below:

  • Adventurers

    Adventurers abound Antrica, just as they do in any other fantasy setting. A breakdown of the adventurer population can be seen as follows: h3. Antrica's Adventurer Population(Est) *(Placeholder) h3. Core Classes In addition to the classes …

  • Blood Knight

    WIP Blood Knight The order of the blood knights all share the same zeal for protecting those who are persecuted, and when their entire race is being threatened by an outside force they band together to save their own. Even more surprising is their …

  • Necromancer of Ku'Ra'Vesh

    WIP WIP WIP Necromancer of Ku'ra'vesh 'Description Hit Die: d4. Requirements To qualify to become a necromancer of Ku'ra'vesh, a character must fulfill all the following criteria. Alignment: Any Good. Skills: Knowledge (Arcana) 9 ranks, …