Lu’cynda Tanelyeave

A devoted follower of Bahamut, wary of evil and struggling to find confidence.


Lawful Good Cleric of Bahamut Level 6/ Divine Agent Level 4

Medium creature, 165 years old, Female, 4’ 11”, 97lbs, Eyes are blue-to-grey, Hair is copper with green roots, Skin covered with Fine platinum scales

Str14 +2, Dex13 +1, Con(12) +1, Int11 +/-0, Wis18 +4, Cha16 +3

Fort+7, Ref+4, Will+13

62 Hit Points, Speed 30ft, AC-17 (+5 Armor, +1 Dexterity, +1 Natural), +1 to Initiative, Base Attack Bonus is +7/+2

Attacks: Claws +9/+4 melee, 1d6+2 slashing, crit x2

Skills: Heal 8(12), Hide 5(6), Knowledge (History) 6, Knowledge (Religion) 13, Knowledge (The Planes) 6, Listen(6), Search (2), Spot (6)

Feats: Extra Turning (+4 Uses), Reach Spell, Divine Metamagic (Reach Spell), Maximize Spell, Divine Metamagic (Maximize Spell), Initiate of Bahamut

Flaws: Frail, Pathetic Constitution

Special Abilities: Dragonblood subtype, Treewalk, Hide as class skill, Forestlord Pact, Imunity to magical sleep effects, Low-light Vision, +2 to Listen, Search, Spot, Domains (Storm, Dragon), Electricity Resistance 5, Bluff and Intimidate as class skills, Rebuke Dragons(14 Uses), Spontanious Domain Casting(Storm), Granted Domain (Protection), Protective Ward, Contact, Menacing Aura, Godly Gift, Altered Appearance

Equipment: Amulet of health +2, Turning fetish (As Extra Turning feat), Pin of Contingent Energy Resistance 10 (1/day, dormant for 1hr, active 10rnds), Gloves of Healing (+2 per die for healing spells), +1 Chain Shirt, Dragonslayer Claws 3/day (+1d6, +3d6dmg vs. dragons.), Scroll of Cure Light Wounds and Magic Stone

Holy Symbol, Cloak, Holy Water, 1k Gold bar, 7,041gp and 917pp

Languages: Common, Elven, Draconic


Lu’cynda Tanelyeave was a shy, quiet woman and a cleric of Bahamut at the temple in Calibashan. Embarassed and ashamed by her green dragon ancestry, she worked exceptionally hard and followed Bahamut’s teachings more closely than any other cleric who served the temple. Some who she worked with were not entirely convinced that she truly served bahamut, so when a strange adventurer of blue dragon heritage arrived one day, claiming to be on a mission of utmost importance handed down to him by Bahamut himself and seeking a companion for his trials ahead, it was orchestrated for Lu’cynda to serve as his aid in order to test both his loyalty and hers. The man in time proved himself to be an unusual and untrustworthy figure, claiming to be progressing Bahamuts cause yet in fact only running errands of personal gain on the outer planes. While Lu’cynda became more and more suspicious, she also found herself to have developed a deeper contact with her diety while upon the outer planes and she was capable of recieving direct and specific instructions from Bahamut himself. Perhaps her suspicions became too obvious, as the man she worked for began to take a greater interest in her personal life and would on occasion make a feeble stab at casual conversation. Yet she did not condemn him until she discovered he had made a magical pact with a red dragon in exchange for a taste of its power. Seeking aid from his traveling companions, they decided he was much too dangerous to try and keep subdued so with regret heavy in their hearts they enacted a plan resulting in his unfortunate end. Having left the party on peaceful terms she now travels across Antrica, spreading the words of Bahamut to his children and making a serious attempt to complete the quest the blue dragon-blooded man had claimed to be undertaking.

Lu’cynda Tanelyeave

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