Sir Elden Goodwheel

Knight/Defender of Sealtiel = Bonifeid Meatshield


Character:Elden goodwheel Player: joe
Classes:Knight/Defender of sealteil Level:13
Race:dwarf Alignment:lawful good
Religion: Experience:79435
Hit Points: 178 Base Attack Bonus: 13/7/2

Strength: 18
Dexterity: 11
Constitution: 16
Intelligence: 11
Wisdom: 11
Charisma: 16

Fortitude: =5 Reflex: =3 Will:=13
Initiative: =0
Melee:1d8+7 + 1d6+1d6+1d6 = FSF longsword +3

Money: pp123 – gp5000 – sp2725 – Armor Class: 15+ 10 + = 25


Ride by attack
Force of Personality
Shield Specialization
Shield Ward
Die hard
Servant of heaven
mounted combat
Armor Specialization
Move as one (Venn)

Equipment:FSF Longsword 1d8+7 1d6 fire/ 1d6 shock/ 1d6 frost/ 19-20×2
Rod of lordly might- 1)Flaming Longsword +1
2)Battle Axe +4
3)Spear (short-long) +3
Ring of the ram

Stragety: Take the Pain so others dont have to.


Sir Elden Goodwheel

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