angela ortays

a battle cleric and a battle tide weaver from the great floating anthropomorphic city in antrica


cleric 8, battle-tide weaver 5

str 16, dex 14, con 14, int 11, wis 18, cha 12

AC=22=10+armor 6+ sheild 3+ dex 2+ natural 1

hp 113

DR 5/blugeoning and peircing

base attack 11/6/1


+1 flail of impact (doubles crit range )



light cross bow


+2 axeblock chain shirt(DR 5)

+3 sheild of speed(3/day haste on yourself)

magic items

inguistion bracers ( 3/day cast cure mod wound on person struck by your melee attack)

belt of preistly might (+1 natural armor and +2 str)

retributive amulet (3/day return half dammage delt to you back at enemy)

ring of arming ( can store your weapons armor, and clothes in side it and with a standard action don it all magical)

ring of mystic healing (+1 healing spells(3 charges renew each day spend 1 charge get +2d6 on heal, 2 cahrges +3d6, 3 charges +4d6)

mantle of second chances (1/day reroll any roll)

shackles of silence (silences those with schacklse on and releases alarm when they escape or break them)


extend spell

maximise spell

extra turning

divine metamagic

augument healing

weapon focus (flail)





fort 12

ref 5

will 14


angela came from the great anthropomorphic city that floats in the skies. she came to the city to further her worship of Var’el. she always appears as a normal caster as she wheres giant robes the drago slightly on the ground with a hood over her face. many people first think when they see her that shes nothing but a small healer or caster that dousnt pose a threat. she always lead s them on like this to trick them so when she activates her magical ring that makes all her armor and weapons appear on herin an instant and attack them with the fury of her god and lustt of battle. even if she has a strong battle front and fury she is always a master of healing and changes the tide of battle. with her powers as a battle tide weaver she is now able to combine her ruthless battle skills and her powerful healing magics together. she is a white leopard with black spirals on her body she may flont herself around when at taverns and when shopping but shes still a discplined worshipper of Var’el

angela ortays

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