Nina Shakeaspen

A quiet monk searching for purpose.


Nina is a female monk with short black hair and light blue eyes. She’s human, but now a lich-like being. She’s of the lawful-evil alignment, and is devoted to Zilkesh. She speaks Common and Dwarven.

Str: 16, Dex: 23, Con: -, Int: 12, Wis: 16, Cha: 11.
HP: 120. Speed: 70’.
AC: 28, with a natural armor of 5 and damage reduction of 15 except against magic bludgeoning weapons.
Touch AC: 23. Flat-Footed AC: 17.
Fortitude: 9. Reflex: 15. Will: 12.
She has natural immunities to cold, electricity, poison, polymorph, and mind effect (which would’ve been useful against those darn phantasmal killers). She also has +4 turn resistance.

She is best with the skills balance (20), hide (36), jump (21), listen (16), move silently (28), search (14), spot (16), and tumble (22). She has knowledge in arcana, religion, and nobility.

Her primary weapons are unarmed attacks. Even moreso now that her lich’s touch adds 1d8+5 negative energy damage on top of her normal 2d6+3.
Her secondary weapons are a composite longbow of +3 merciful seeking and a fancy quarterstaff of +2 charge breaker and +1 binding. She secretly calls her quarterstaff “Sebastian” for reasons known only to her and a certain halfling merchant.

When revealing her true lich form, she emits a fear aura that affects any creature within 60’ with less than 5HD.
She also has the ability to inflict permanent paralysis by touching a living creature.
Naturally touching deals 1d8+5 negative energy damage.

Feats: Stunning Fist, Deflect Arrows, Improved Disarm, Leadership, Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, Weapon Finesse (unarmed), Weapon Focus (quarterstaff), Weapon Specialization (quarterstaff), Spring Attack, Power Attack.

Special Abilities: Flurry of Blows, Improved Unarmed Strike, Evasion, Fast Movement, Ki Strike (magic and lawful), Slow Fall (60’), Purity of Body, Wholeness of Body, Improved Evasion, Diamond Body, Abundant Step.

Some of her noteable possessions (other than her weapons) are an immoveable rod, goggles of minute seeing +5, cloak of resistance +1, periapt of wound closure, decanter of endless water, gloves of dexterity +2, and Amulet of Zilkesh

Rings: Force Shield ring +2AC, Ring of Staffs, Chameleon Ring.

Nina also can use some spells, buuuut I haven’t gotten around to picking some out for her since she only just now got ‘em… but she has a special Zilkesh spell “Purge Vessel” which basically means she can raise an undead with 0hp from a corpse, effectively making the dead person impossible to bring back to life. It’s a dick move. (haha, you can’t get your dead buddy back!) Nina prolly won’t use it unless urged to…

Flaws: Though cautious and quiet for the mostpart, Nina can become a bit reckless every now and again, acting on impulse and charging into something without a solid plan beyond the first step.

Good points: Nina’s saving grace could be her silence. She rarely talks, and does try to keep out of arguments. Any secrets she may stumble over remain secret, as she tends not to disclose information until the need demands it.

Bottom line, she’s now Parasite-Spiderman. Booyah.


Nina was born into a noble’s family in a port city. At age twelve, she was kidnapped by a guild her father owed and held as a pawn for a full year as her father and the guild danced through issues of politics and favors, her father never showing an earnest effort to get her back. Eventually, an officer of the guild secretly sold Nina to slavers to pay off some personal debts, and she was taken out of the city. A band of mercenaries fell on the slavers on a separate quest, freeing Nina and the other captives to go on their way. Nina stubbornly clung to the mercenary band, refusing to go back to the home she despised. She renounced her family name and embraced a new identity as an adventurer, eventually going her own way as a wandering monk.

Several years passed, and Nina managed to make a small living defeating bandits and acting as bodyguard for travelers. Those familiar with her would say she’s forgotten how to smile, absorbed in a dismal view of life and lost hope in humanity or goodness. For a time, she prayed to various gods for guidance or some goal to strive for, but their continued silence appears to have left Nina grasping for anything that could promise her a purpose.

The sullen monk will work well with a team, but stays aloof and somewhat distant from her fellows, prefering to watch them in their various drives and quests. Nina can often be caught people-watching absent mindedly. She especially enjoys observing those who have a goal in their lives, silently envying their ability to have a passion for something.

When she came across the Antrica party, she first treated them as she did every other party she’d worked with: a temporary team not to be really involved with. As time passed, however, she grew to admire a few of the members and how they treated their cohorts as friends rather than simply fellow sellswords. When a phantasmal killer struck Nina dead in a necromancer’s prison, the team immediately postponed their quest to rush her off to be resurrected— an act which left Nina stunned and indebted. The woman slowly allowed herself to think of them as friends, and worked to help them with a new resolve.

Unfortunately, the incident with the phantasmal killer also severed her hope that any god paid her any mind or wished to have anything to do with her aimless life. Sullen, she turned to the one ascended being who expressed any desire to be actively involved in the world she knew— Zilkesh, the necromancer lich who was imprisoned by the gods now ignoring the dying Antrica.

Nina’s team had been sent to revive him to save the world from an undead apocalypse they had witnessed in Antrica’s future. Upon finding the necromancer’s phylactery, Zilkesh’s soul spoke to the wearied monk, offering her whatever she wanted if she aided him in a return to lichdom. Desperate for a god who gave a damn about the material plane, Nina accepted him without hesitation, rejecting the gods who had ignored her for so long and taking the evil lord as her new deity.

Behind her companions’ backs as the group searched out Zilkesh’s body to reunite with his phylactery— the intention to bring back a weakened necromancer who would be able to save Antrica from the impending apocalypse and still be able to be overpowered by the other gods— Nina took Zilkesh’s soul into her own body and guarded his phylactery closely, making plans to revive him as a lich rather than a weakened human necromancer. Zilkesh’s powerful soul within her gave the monk uncanny abilities which her friends found suspicious. Knowing they wouldn’t approve of bringing her new god back as a greater evil than they wanted, Nina kept silent about her plans, hoping her companions wouldn’t pry into the matter as she used her newfound strengths to aid them in their battles.

Finally, the group made their way to the temple in the Astral Plane where Zilkesh’s physical remains were hidden by his once-follower, a lich sorceress. In the ensuing struggle, the lich struck Nina with a phantasmal killer, unnerved by the monk’s strange ability to fell undead by touching them. Zilkesh’s possessing soul repelled death, however, reviving Nina to help finish the fight.

Upon finding the remains of the necromancer lord’s flesh deep inside the temple, Nina stepped forward, quietly telling her friends that she would meet them back in the material plane in Calibashan before using a secretly-purchased plane-shift scroll to take Zilkesh’s remains with her and vanish, leaving her companions speechless and confused.

Nina returned quickly to her lord’s church in a separate plane, following Zilkesh’s instructions as she performed the ritual to revive him to lichdom. Now finally returned to unlife, the resurrected necromancer offered to reward Nina with the power of the undead. Bowing submissively before Zilkesh, Nina accepted his offer since it would allow her to better serve him, simply glad that she had finally found a purpose to cleave to. Delighted with his new servant, Zilkesh turned Nina into a lich-like being, granting her new strength and power. Giving her an amulet to allow her to disguise herself as a normal human, Zilkesh dismissed her with the command to keep knowledge of him secret and the promise that he would give her further orders at a later time.

Nina took her leave of the resurrected lich and hurried back toward Calibashan, hoping desperately that her companions would forgive her for not telling them her change to their plans and would allow her to remain with them and give her the chance to use her new powers in their aid.

Nina Shakeaspen

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