A Fighter


Lawful Evil Fighter Level 11

Human, 20 years old, Female, 6’ , 180 lbs, eyes are grey, hair is dark brown, skin is dark and tan from years of adventuring.

Str 18, Dex 16, Con 16, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 14

Fort 8 +4, Ref 4 +4, Will 4 +4

140 Hit Points, Speed 40ft, AC-19 (0 Armor, +2 Sheild, +3 Dexterity, +1 Dflection, +3 Misc), Base Attack Bonus is +12/7/+2

Attacks: Caustic Bonds of Mus, 3D4+1D6+12, x2 Critical

Skills: Climb+18(4/10/4), Craft 3(1/3/0), Handle Animal3(2/1/0), Indimidate+2(0/0/0), Jump+22(4/10/2), Knowledge(Plains)4(1/3/0), Ride6(3/3/0), Swim+5(4/2/-1)

Feats: Exotic Weapon Proficiency(Spiked Chain), Weapon Focus, Greater Weapon Focus, Weapon Spec, Greater Weapon Spec, Improved Initiative, Endurance, Steadfast Determination, Mage Slayer, Lunging Strike, Pierce Magical Protection, Pierce Magical Concentration

Flaws: Stubborn, useless outside of battle—must be accompanied by rogue or mage or she’ll set off every trap in sight

Special Abilities: Planer Study (+2 Damage to Extra Planers), Align Puissance (1/day align weapon 11 rounds), Faster Healing

Equipment: 1 Psychokinetic Corrosive Spiked Chain (19/+14+9 w/ piercing and reach), Ring of Protection, +1 Cloak of Resistance, Force Sheild Ring, Air Render Bracelet (45ft range attack 3/day), Boots of Spiting and Springing

Rope, Sunrod, Ring of Sustenance, Backpack, Blanket (Winter), Tourch x2, Flint and Steel, Holy Water, Manual of Quickness 1, Robe of Blending Crystal of Screaming, Least, +5 Ring of Climbing, Amulet of Arthuk, Onyx Pendant, Herbal Potion x3(1D45 1/30 min), Dwarven War Ax, 21,000 CP, 225 SP, 77 GP, and 144 PP

Languages: Common, Elven

Raised in a temple of Va’rel, Venn was de facto destined to be an adventurer. Specializing in Spike-Chain and with a PhD in kicking your ass, she sets out to roam the planes at age 18. Over the course of her travels she witnesses the fall of many a brave adventurer and learns to accept that the only constant in the life of an adventurer is change. She enters and leaves many parties over the next several years, never staying in one place too long. This makes her a stubborn and fearless warrior who is not afraid to jump down mysterious chasms or separate from the party in dungeons. This trait has gotten her in a lot of trouble, including a near death experience in Zilkesh’s Temple. Other than Va’rel she has one other diety-like being to whom she pays respect. That is Marthuk the Ascended on the plane of Acheron, who she periodically visits for training. She has no specific enemies, but she holds a great hatred for the undead. Once when she was just beginning to travel, her party, filled with friends and fellow followers of Va’rel, encountered a necromancer who killed her entire party and raised them against her. She escaped narrowly, but this a new fear and loathing of necromancers and undead. On her travels, she encounters another necromancer whom she follews into the Astral Plane, where she heard rumors of a necromancer using the portals in the Plane as a means of travel between planes. In order to stay alive in the Astral Plane, she puts on a Ring of Sustenance which she had recently found. She became involved with the Antrica party when they became lost in the Astral Plane and found her. Due to the effects of the the Ring of Sustenance, she had lost all of her memories and had been wandering about the Astral Plane looking for a way out. She joins the party. Eventually she takes off the ring and slowly regains her memories. She decides to stay with the party because they seem to come across undead creatures and necromancers often.

Along their travels, the party travels to the previously mentioned plane of Acheron and meet the Ascended Marthuk. Marthuk convinces Venn that it is better to fight for a cause than to fight simply for fun. She eventually agrees and makes it her mission to exterminate undead and necromancers.


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