To Summerize

This is their story.

The party met up with Nina, who behind everyone’s back brought Zilkesh back to lichdom, restoring him to 9/10ths his full power. She was unable to successfully assimilate with the party and exploded, taking out a busy city street. The party had an audience with the mysterious king of Calibashan and, after vanquishing the lich and ghost dragon that had been pursuing them once and for all, met the king to discuss business. In his cryptic manner he told the party that he would be calling on their services in one week’s time. Before any preparations could be made, however, the party was called upon by Var’el to retrieve for him a powerful artifact to aid the forces of good. They traveled to Marbledell in the desert and despite some meanderings obtained the spirit shaman whose aid was necessary in gaining entrance to the buried temple.



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