The Catch

Traveling is never as easy as you expect.

Having retrieved the Artifact for Juleeb, the party has earned a front row seat for its activation. After shifting the planes, removing the overlap of the dimension in which Antrica resides and that which houses Fae’run, Juleeb spends three months schooling the party in the function and dangers of the planes. At the end of their training the PCs decide their return to the material plane is long overdue and they bid Juleeb farewell. They returned roughly the same way that they had come, but the material was not as they had left it. They arrived to find the sky covered by an enormous cloud of undead malevolence, the byproduct of every unfulfilled ascendant prevented from realizing their potential by the cruel Fae’runian gods. With the gods dismissed, the malevolence was able to manifest and consume the energies of those who now attempted to ascend, which would have worked were it not for this unknown, unseen threat. The other change of note was that with the exception of the party, the malevolence, and one other time had ceased to progress. This was discovered to be the doing of [[Var’el]], who had spent the equivilent of eighty years alone in his temple as the world around him crumbled noislessly away as the malevolence consumed all living things. Seeing a glimmer of hope in the appearance of the party, he orchistrated their escape from Calibishan and directed them to a portal they could use to escape and try to set things right. It was decided the only way to handle this new and most powerful threat was to set in motion the return of Zilkesh, the necromancer responsible for the Age of Darkness and the largest evil Antrica had ever known… until now. It is believed that Zilkesh is the only being with even the potential to control such a great undead force, and though it would add to his already considerable power it would be a necessary evil that could be kept in check by the other ascendants. The party found themselves a way to a varient on the plane of Mechanus and utilized the plane’s natural functions to turn back time, giving themselves four months to prevent the end of their world as they know it.


if my ememory correctly this is where my character Sin was wrongly killed and the introduction of my new Character Xuan the planar from man

good times…..

The Catch

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