Session One


Brief summary of First Session

Ami, Zane & Avea were given a mission from Phinneaus Phiggle to journey to Altmeir to deliver a dagger to a travelling merchant. Once there, they discovered an unknown illness had invaded the inn, leaving it’s occupants at varying degrees of sickness – among them the sickest being the merchant they were seeking.

With no priest in town to assist in diagnosis, the three set about finding a source of the illness plaguing the inn. In their search they discovered a neutral undead draining the charisma of the inhabitants. Upon being asked to leave he agreed without struggle or opposition, and the inn’s patrons recovered with swiftness.

Item delivery was a success, and the group was rewarded with various items from the greatful merchant.

The following day, soldiers drafted the trio from the Order of the Fern into the king’s army, as all mercenaries were being called to war. After basic training, they were sent to the lines of an orcish battle. The troops were ambushed by goblins and suffered a few fatalities, mainly peasants and other soldiers.

After retreating from battle, each grabbed wounded comrades and headed back to camp. Against orders, Zane nobly went back to save as many fallen soldiers as he could, and help others with the use of magic. Goblins, following an orc leader, were killing off the remaining survivors. One true shot from the arrow ended the Orc’s threat and life, and the goblins had no desire to fight after their leader passed.

For their efforts, Zane, Avea and Ami were promoted to the rank of Leutinant, and are now part of a special auxillary unit.



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