Of Swamps and Temples

The party manages to take care of business.

The party spent much time and effort to brave their way to the heart of the dreaded swamp not once, but twice. While they had met their goal initially, the party chose to fall back in order to seek healing and further supplies. After returning to the center of the swamp, the party made ingress to the long-lost temple of Zilkesh, held within a small pocket dimension housed in the positive energy plane. After suffering through many devious traps, the party hastened straight to Zilkesh’s containment room with nary a side glance at the rest of the temple compound, with the notable excepion of collecting Zilkesh’s glowing magical chalice of questionable purpose. In the room Zilkesh’s soul was freed and contained within his phylactery. The party must now venture into the astral plane to find the remains of Zilkesh’s body.



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