Astral Shenanigans

Life's a Lich (and Then You Never Die).

Using her newly found crystal ball, Tam is able to locate part of the corpse of Zilkesh, a key component in the party’s plans to resurrect the dread necromancer. After spending a day in Calibashan and ducking the assistance of the church of Var’el, (Who may have been somewhat misled to the party’s goals and aims) the group hastens to the Astral Plane. After spending some time lost in the confusing silvery haze, the group eventually reaches their destination—The tomb-shrine of the evil lichess Viliana Liss. The PCs manage to make it through the gate and graveyard that surround the place and gain entrance to the shrine, though not without suffering a casualty. (Their noisy progress gave ample warning for Liss to send a lesser undead to stand watch on the main door. After dispatching the creature and bum-rushing the main hall the party was locked into a pitched battle with Viliana Liss and her retinue of Githyanki servants/guardians/consorts. Only by using all of their luck, skill, cunning, and luck were the party able to narrowly defeat her. Some were forced to rely on powerful aid (Venn/Marthuk, Nina/Zilkesh), and only one member of the group, Elton, was to be a true casualty. He has since been reincarnated as a dwarf by Reggie. After pressing deeper on into the sanctuary, beset by traps and riddles, the party came across their prize, which turned out to be a chunk of dead flesh no bigger than two hands widths. It would have to be enough however, as no more of Zilkesh’s form was thought to remain on this or any other plane. After assurances were made to her safety Nina strode forward, acquired the flesh, and activated an amulet she had acquired in Calibashan a scant few days ago, disappearing with Zilkesh’s body, Zilkesh’s phylactery, and the mysterious Onyx goblet found within Zilkesh’s accursed temple. Her only words before disappearing were “I’ll meet you guys back in Calibashan…”

The rest of the party is unsure what to make of this.


Nina screwed yeeeeeew!

Astral Shenanigans

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