To Acheron and Back(01.25.09)

A day trip, showcasing the metal and mettle of the outer planes.

At the behest of Juleeb the party leaves his floating observetory for Acheron in order to find his missing companion [[J’ael Wyndur’al]] and the Artifact of his possession. Upon their arrival the party hides from a troupe of angry devils and overhears evidence that they seek the same thing as our heroes. After embroiling themselves in the machinations of the Ascendant Marthuk, they recieve information that J’ael was last seen to fall onto a cube of the second layer, Tintabulus. Some dedicated searching uncovers the petrified remains of the planar traveller and the party collects every piece that they can. Having proven their capabilities to Marthuk he gives them information on the blue dragon he witnessed catching the artifact as it fell. The only thing he asks for in return is the head of the beast. The group makes short work of the dragon’s hobgoblin retinue and faces off in a exciting climactic showdown with the beast, but not before it slays a particularly naieve party member. The sorcerer of Bahamut has his staff sundered, and apart from that the group makes it out without any further losses. Making a stop off to Marthuk the PCs deliver the head as promised and make their way back to Juleeb. Venn delivers a sealed message to Juleeb at Marthuk’s request.


I miss Acheron! So much fun…

To Acheron and Back(01.25.09)

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