Session One

Brief summary of First Session

Ami, Zane & Avea were given a mission from Phinneaus Phiggle to journey to Altmeir to deliver a dagger to a travelling merchant. Once there, they discovered an unknown illness had invaded the inn, leaving it’s occupants at varying degrees of sickness – among them the sickest being the merchant they were seeking.

With no priest in town to assist in diagnosis, the three set about finding a source of the illness plaguing the inn. In their search they discovered a neutral undead draining the charisma of the inhabitants. Upon being asked to leave he agreed without struggle or opposition, and the inn’s patrons recovered with swiftness.

Item delivery was a success, and the group was rewarded with various items from the greatful merchant.

The following day, soldiers drafted the trio from the Order of the Fern into the king’s army, as all mercenaries were being called to war. After basic training, they were sent to the lines of an orcish battle. The troops were ambushed by goblins and suffered a few fatalities, mainly peasants and other soldiers.

After retreating from battle, each grabbed wounded comrades and headed back to camp. Against orders, Zane nobly went back to save as many fallen soldiers as he could, and help others with the use of magic. Goblins, following an orc leader, were killing off the remaining survivors. One true shot from the arrow ended the Orc’s threat and life, and the goblins had no desire to fight after their leader passed.

For their efforts, Zane, Avea and Ami were promoted to the rank of Leutinant, and are now part of a special auxillary unit.

Somewhere Else, at another time
As the sun must always set, so too must the adventures of heroes come to an end.

This is just a break, separating the goings-on from the previous group with the goings-on from the new group. It is a time for new stories to be told.

To Summerize
This is their story.

The party met up with Nina, who behind everyone’s back brought Zilkesh back to lichdom, restoring him to 9/10ths his full power. She was unable to successfully assimilate with the party and exploded, taking out a busy city street. The party had an audience with the mysterious king of Calibashan and, after vanquishing the lich and ghost dragon that had been pursuing them once and for all, met the king to discuss business. In his cryptic manner he told the party that he would be calling on their services in one week’s time. Before any preparations could be made, however, the party was called upon by Var’el to retrieve for him a powerful artifact to aid the forces of good. They traveled to Marbledell in the desert and despite some meanderings obtained the spirit shaman whose aid was necessary in gaining entrance to the buried temple.

Astral Shenanigans
Life's a Lich (and Then You Never Die).

Using her newly found crystal ball, Tam is able to locate part of the corpse of Zilkesh, a key component in the party’s plans to resurrect the dread necromancer. After spending a day in Calibashan and ducking the assistance of the church of Var’el, (Who may have been somewhat misled to the party’s goals and aims) the group hastens to the Astral Plane. After spending some time lost in the confusing silvery haze, the group eventually reaches their destination—The tomb-shrine of the evil lichess Viliana Liss. The PCs manage to make it through the gate and graveyard that surround the place and gain entrance to the shrine, though not without suffering a casualty. (Their noisy progress gave ample warning for Liss to send a lesser undead to stand watch on the main door. After dispatching the creature and bum-rushing the main hall the party was locked into a pitched battle with Viliana Liss and her retinue of Githyanki servants/guardians/consorts. Only by using all of their luck, skill, cunning, and luck were the party able to narrowly defeat her. Some were forced to rely on powerful aid (Venn/Marthuk, Nina/Zilkesh), and only one member of the group, Elton, was to be a true casualty. He has since been reincarnated as a dwarf by Reggie. After pressing deeper on into the sanctuary, beset by traps and riddles, the party came across their prize, which turned out to be a chunk of dead flesh no bigger than two hands widths. It would have to be enough however, as no more of Zilkesh’s form was thought to remain on this or any other plane. After assurances were made to her safety Nina strode forward, acquired the flesh, and activated an amulet she had acquired in Calibashan a scant few days ago, disappearing with Zilkesh’s body, Zilkesh’s phylactery, and the mysterious Onyx goblet found within Zilkesh’s accursed temple. Her only words before disappearing were “I’ll meet you guys back in Calibashan…”

The rest of the party is unsure what to make of this.

Of Swamps and Temples
The party manages to take care of business.

The party spent much time and effort to brave their way to the heart of the dreaded swamp not once, but twice. While they had met their goal initially, the party chose to fall back in order to seek healing and further supplies. After returning to the center of the swamp, the party made ingress to the long-lost temple of Zilkesh, held within a small pocket dimension housed in the positive energy plane. After suffering through many devious traps, the party hastened straight to Zilkesh’s containment room with nary a side glance at the rest of the temple compound, with the notable excepion of collecting Zilkesh’s glowing magical chalice of questionable purpose. In the room Zilkesh’s soul was freed and contained within his phylactery. The party must now venture into the astral plane to find the remains of Zilkesh’s body.

The Catch
Traveling is never as easy as you expect.

Having retrieved the Artifact for Juleeb, the party has earned a front row seat for its activation. After shifting the planes, removing the overlap of the dimension in which Antrica resides and that which houses Fae’run, Juleeb spends three months schooling the party in the function and dangers of the planes. At the end of their training the PCs decide their return to the material plane is long overdue and they bid Juleeb farewell. They returned roughly the same way that they had come, but the material was not as they had left it. They arrived to find the sky covered by an enormous cloud of undead malevolence, the byproduct of every unfulfilled ascendant prevented from realizing their potential by the cruel Fae’runian gods. With the gods dismissed, the malevolence was able to manifest and consume the energies of those who now attempted to ascend, which would have worked were it not for this unknown, unseen threat. The other change of note was that with the exception of the party, the malevolence, and one other time had ceased to progress. This was discovered to be the doing of [[Var’el]], who had spent the equivilent of eighty years alone in his temple as the world around him crumbled noislessly away as the malevolence consumed all living things. Seeing a glimmer of hope in the appearance of the party, he orchistrated their escape from Calibishan and directed them to a portal they could use to escape and try to set things right. It was decided the only way to handle this new and most powerful threat was to set in motion the return of Zilkesh, the necromancer responsible for the Age of Darkness and the largest evil Antrica had ever known… until now. It is believed that Zilkesh is the only being with even the potential to control such a great undead force, and though it would add to his already considerable power it would be a necessary evil that could be kept in check by the other ascendants. The party found themselves a way to a varient on the plane of Mechanus and utilized the plane’s natural functions to turn back time, giving themselves four months to prevent the end of their world as they know it.

To Acheron and Back(01.25.09)
A day trip, showcasing the metal and mettle of the outer planes.

At the behest of Juleeb the party leaves his floating observetory for Acheron in order to find his missing companion [[J’ael Wyndur’al]] and the Artifact of his possession. Upon their arrival the party hides from a troupe of angry devils and overhears evidence that they seek the same thing as our heroes. After embroiling themselves in the machinations of the Ascendant Marthuk, they recieve information that J’ael was last seen to fall onto a cube of the second layer, Tintabulus. Some dedicated searching uncovers the petrified remains of the planar traveller and the party collects every piece that they can. Having proven their capabilities to Marthuk he gives them information on the blue dragon he witnessed catching the artifact as it fell. The only thing he asks for in return is the head of the beast. The group makes short work of the dragon’s hobgoblin retinue and faces off in a exciting climactic showdown with the beast, but not before it slays a particularly naieve party member. The sorcerer of Bahamut has his staff sundered, and apart from that the group makes it out without any further losses. Making a stop off to Marthuk the PCs deliver the head as promised and make their way back to Juleeb. Venn delivers a sealed message to Juleeb at Marthuk’s request.


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